Why Adults Have Trouble Learning to Surf


In my surf lessons in Oceanside I meet students of all ages and from all over the world. Surfing is on so many bucket lists and when you visit the beach on a vacation, why not learn the sport that is so popular at the resort?LakeyPete-003-300x225 (2)

A lot of adults ask me if it is easy to learn and I can almost tell by looking at them if they would be successful. It is a sport that requires fitness and prefers leanness. There is a necessary power to weight ratio to pop your body off a surf board in the water. It is easy on the beach, but in the water there is no support.

Most adults have lost flexibility. They cannot get into a position where their front foot is between their hands in a push up position and their rear leg is extended back. Their chest should be resting on their knee. This takes some flexibility in both the hamstrings and back.

Most adults have lost power to weight strength. Your shoulders and core have to be able to pop your weight. Even kids cannot do a man’s push up. Many cannot do a sit up. Those are basic to doing a pop up. New students should be doing push ups and sit ups every day and then practicing the pop up several times in their living rooms. The combination develops the muscle memory, strength, flexibility, and smoothness to do a good pop up.

The pop up needed by beginners is the same pop up needed by professionals, so it is a sport where you do have to learn an advanced technique to begin.

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