Adult Oceanside Surf Students Cross One off Bucket List


When I teach adult students how to surf in Oceanside, it is amazing how many said BeginnerLongBoardsurfing has been on their list their whole lives. The early surfing movies of Malibu created a globalĀ culture.

In the early 1960’s before the Gidget movie, maybe thousands of people enjoyed surfing and afterward millions took up the sport and it has never looked back. Even the clothing and accessories are billion dollar businesses.

What is so attractive? It is one of the last frontiers for an activity that doesn’t have any regulations. When you are in the ocean, you can go as fast as you want and there are no speeding tickets. There are no limits on how many waves you can ride or how big a wave you can ride or how long you can stay in the water, what hours you can go in, or what days are open for surfing. And its Free every day. Ā Freedom.

Even skiing or snow boarding bumps up against most of these restrictions. They can pull your ticket for going too fast down a mountain and at 4:30 you have to leave. You can’t ski if there is no snow and in the summer you’re totally on dry dock.

Surfing is also a difficult sport to learn. It takes lots of athletic ability, stamina, and fitness to reach the level of ripping and shredding. It is not an easy club in which to become a member. It takes practice and dedication. For the most part, once you have had your first lessons, there is no one to teach you how to advance. You learn on your own. More freedom.

You can surf most anyplace in the world with waves any day of the year. And in the right places where the water and air are warm, it is heaven on earth. Why doesn’t everyone want to learn to surf?




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