4 Problems Beginner Surfers Have


When I teach Surf Lessons in Oceanside, I have found 4 problems I have to solve for new students. When they take care of these issues, they surf almost perfect for new students. Even though I give a dry land introduction, Ashley2.410most of the instruction takes place in the water.

Students underestimate the importance of getting their feet to the rear of the board before paddling and getting their balance perfect on the board. Then tend to feel more comfortable sliding toward the nose which makes them pearl (nose of board into water). They also put their head or shoulders to one side of the board and even hips and feet which causes the board to turn over in the wave.

Most students at the beginning pop up too early when the wave hits their board. When I demonstrate how to do it I ask them what they saw. They say you were out in front of the wave before you did your pop up. Yes.

Getting the feet in the right spot on the board at the right angles is important. The front foot needs to be beyond the midline of the length and at a slight angle. The back foot has to remain in the back with a stance that is shoulder width apart and has to be perpendicular to the two rails. It also has to be flat down on the board. Many people have a habit of being on their toes with the back foot because of some other sport.

The shoulders have to be facing the beach. If the shoulders or especially the shoulder opposite the forward foot is facing the tail of the board, the ride will be over soon. The shoulder must be angled forward with both hands in front so the surfer can see them. This brings the butt over the board instead of hanging over the heels.

When I get these problems corrected in the water, I usually have perfect surfing rides to the beach.


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